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"Healer of the month"
from Body, Mind, Spirit Magazine, February 2002

Written by Julie Desmarais

If I were to describe what I do, I would say I am somewhat of an enigma. Over the years my clients have known me as different things: Holographic Energy Worker, Emotional Intuitive and Pure Potential Reader. Read more...

"Was he Bare Naked, or a Grizzly Bear?" written by Julie Desmarais.

How Animal Totems can bring powerful insights and resolution to deep seated emotional issues. I am passionate about the study of archetypes. As a Holographic Energy Worker/Emotional Intuitive, who "reads" the energy fields of my clients all day long, I get to witness the most amazing archetypal patterns. Read more...

Julie Desmarais Interview with Sister Leadership

Sister Leadership posted a short interview with Julie on Energy Management and Chakras.  Check out the link.


Articles by Catherine Bastedo

Catherine Bastedo is a frequent contributor to Wise Woman Herbal Ezine on topics such as our connection to nature, the search for inner peace, and the meaning of sacred spaces.  


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