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Sacred Truth Forgiveness Circle

Chakra Blessings

Sacred Heart Space Retreat, Woman as Vessel


Come and discover how easy it is to awaken your healing potential, read energy, and have fun developing your intuitive gifts of seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing, while building self esteem and confidence. This program provides hands on teaching and the attunement of the body's energy centres to the Rei (Universal Life Force). Reiki is an energy force that enhances life at all levels. It can be used on yourself, family members, friends, animals and plants for greater health and well-being as well as for pain relief, stress reduction, deep relaxation and acceleration of the body's natural healing process. Julie Desmarais & Associates teaches Holographic/Usui Reiki Level I to Reiki Master Teacher. Take the entire program or levels I to III progressively.

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Holographic / Usui Reiki Level I for PERSONAL GROWTH AND FUN

This course is the first in a series for hands on healing and the attunement of the body's energy centres to the Rei (Universal Life Force). Reiki is an energy force that enhances life at all levels. It can be used on yourself, family members, friends, animals and plants for greater health and well-being as well as for pain relief, stress reduction, deep relaxation, and acceleration of the body's natural healing process. Julie Desmarais & Associates teaches Reiki as a three part spiritual practice which includes the connection with the Source, disciplining the mind & focusing healing energy through the hands, heart, hugs, eyes or prayers.

In this class you will learn traditional Reiki basics as well as
Holographic Energy Basics (the Whole You) including:

  • the Traditional Usui Reiki History
  • the Reiki Principles
  • how to perform Reiki on yourself and others
  • Energy 101, a simple understanding of your human energy field and ways to maximize your energy
  • Animal Totem 101
  • Chakras 101
  • How to connect with, and expand, your special gifts of clairsentience (clear feeling), claircognisance (clear knowing), clairvoyance (clear seeing) and/or clairaudience (clear hearing).

Saturday. September 21 and Sunday, September 22, 2019
Time: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm, both days
Fee: $300.00 + HST (13%).
1/2 price for Reviewers of Reiki I with Julie Desmarais.
$50.00 off for Reviewers of Reiki I who have completed Reiki I with another Master.
Location: 1048 North River Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 3V4

To register or for further details:   Call: (613) 688-1717 or email: info@juliedesmarais.ca

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Holographic / Usui Reiki Level II for EXPANSION AND ABUNDANCE

Enhances Reiki Level I 100% and also turns up the volume of your healing gifts; intuition and self-confidence. Julie Desmarais & Associates teach you how to use three Buddhist symbols which represent keys to higher levels of consciousness and health. These symbols can be used for distant healing, emotional balancing, increasing energy, clearing negativity, enhancing memory and well-being, plus lots more. Julie and her team have a unique, simple and fun way of teaching these symbols and really know how to bring out the Magician in YOU!

Dates: Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20, 2019
Time: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm, both days
Fee: $350.00 + HST (13%).
1/2 price for Reviewers of Reiki II with Julie Desmarais.
$50.00 off for Reviewers of Reiki II who have completed Reiki II with another Master.
Location: 1048 North River Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 3V4

To register or for further details:  Call: (613) 688-1717 or email: info@juliedesmarais.ca

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Holographic / Usui / Tibetan Reiki - Level III FOR THE LIFE YOU LOVE

Want to turn up the volume even more on your healing gifts; intuition and self-confidence, and on having the life you love? Julie & her team will introduce you to your Inner Master, who will assist you in looking at your entire life to see where mastery is strong and where mastery is missing. This class is only for those seriously interested in a higher level of self-mastery, joyful living and abundance.

Dates: Saturday, November 16 and Sunday, November 17 2019
Location: 1048 North River Road, Ottawa, Ontario
Fee: $400.00 + HST
$25.00 off if you did Reiki II with Julie Desmarais
1/2 price for Reviewers of Reiki III with Julie Desmarais
$50.00 off for Reviewers of Reiki III who have completed Reiki III with another Master.
To register or for further details:  Call: (613) 688-1717 or email: info@juliedesmarais.ca

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Reiki for Little Masters
Ages 8 – 12

Your child will connect with the 3 part spiritual practice of Reiki in a really fun and creative way! They will have the opportunity to make a craft they can take home and engage in social / play time.

Parents ARE encouraged to join us!!

Please bring your own lunch, your child’s favourite stuffed animal, a folding camping chair, yoga mat, raincoat, boots, hat & sunscreen.

Date: Friday, July 19, 2019
Location: TBA
Fee: $80 (multiple child discounts available)
To register or for further details:  Call: (613) 688-1717 or email: info@juliedesmarais.ca

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Reiki on the River

Interested in reawakening the healing gifts you were born with and using this energy to restore your own health and vitality?

Join a small group of like minded for Reiki I on the River.

Connect with Source Energy outside!


Call to customize your class according to your personal or family needs!

Dates: TBA
Location: 1048 North River Road, Ottawa, Ontario
To register or for further details:  Call: (613) 688-1717 or email: info@juliedesmarais.ca


Holographic / Usui Reiki Master Teacher Training Program

This Reiki Master Teacher Training Program will enable you to understand that there is more to Reiki than healing yourself and others. You will learn its deeper purpose that will guide your life. This program involves:

  • Embracing the relationship between yourself and Universal Life Force (Spirit/the Rei);
  • Your personal growth, building of self-esteem, courage, grace and developing self-discipline;
  • Your commitment to making a difference, being a leader, working as a team and being part of a healing community.
  • Becoming more adept at being a clear, perfect and grounded channel of love.

You will be taught all aspects of Reiki Master Teacher Training - everything from how to organize a class, to giving attunements, teaching course material, supporting your students during their process, and much, much more. This program is for those who wish to go beyond their fears and to soar! Your gifts of spirit/essence will be encouraged, supported and fine-tuned.

This is a program about Self-Mastery. In order to teach this three part Spiritual practice, you must walk the practice on a daily basis, and, as a result, the Rei will MASTER you!

The completion of Holographic / Usui Reiki Levels I, II, and III, along with the Holographic Reiki Master Teacher Training Program and requirements as outlined on our Program Description Chart, lead to the certification by Julie Desmarais as a Holographic / Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

For further details and application process, contact Julie Desmarais at 613-688-1717 or email her at info@juliedesmarais.ca

Program Description Chart:


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Reiki Shares:

Come and participate in our Reiki Share, led by the Reiki Master Training Program team of Catherine Bastedo and Julie Desmarais.

Dates: TBA
Time: 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Location:  1048 North River Road (at Olga just off the Vanier Parkway) Ottawa, Ontario
Fee: $12

Who is welcome: Reiki shares offer those interested in giving and/or receiving Reiki a wonderful opportunity to build community, as well as practice energy techniques and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals. We welcome all streams of Reiki and those interested in experiencing this wonderful healing energy.
RSVP: Please RSVP by email with your name and phone number as space is limited.  If you are not familiar with River House the location will be emailed to you by a member of the Reiki Master Trainee team.
Contact: Julie Desmarais
E-mail:  info@juliedesmarais.ca

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If you are interested in this unique program, you can take it in its entirely and become trained as a Holographic Energy Master or take individual components, starting with Holographic Reiki Level I for general interest and personal growth.

This is a program series I was inspired to create as a result of my years of training with several incredible teachers/mentors in the field. Through training with Landmark Education, including a six month leadership program, I gained remarkable skills in leadership training, communications, public speaking, how to be unstoppable in the face of fear, the power of intention, and how to stand in all possibilities and create from nothing. The skills & training I received enhanced my entrepreneurial and visionary abilities, and helped to awaken me to my own potential and sacred contract as a born natural healer, visionary leader, teacher of teachers and messenger of the soul.

If you are called to BE YOUR OWN HEALER, FOLLOW YOUR OWN PATH AND CREATE YOUR OWN FUTURE take the first step now...

The completion of the Holographic Energy Series, along with the Holographic Energy Master Program requirements as outlined on the Program Description Chart, lead to certification by Julie Desmarais as a Holographic Energy Master.

Program Description Chart:

 Program Description Chart

I Metamorphosis of the Spirit (MOTS)
(Advanced Journey through the Chakras)

Phase I is an in-depth study of your personal energy and chakra system - the real determiner of a healthy body, mind and spirit, our emotions and relationships (the HOLOGRAPHIC YOU!) If you would like to learn how to manage your precious energy much more efficiently, and bring more balance, peace, healing and enlightenment into your life, I invite you to come and delve into your own chakra/energy system.

In Phase I of this 4 part program that can lead to a Holographic Energy Practitioner certification, you will learn:

  • How to connect with, read, clear & balance your own chakra system & energy field
  • How to connect with your Higher Self in the form of totems, guides, angels
  • How to develop a greater level of your personal power, self-esteem & confidence, enhancing your potential as a healing facillitator
  • How to strengthen your natural gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognisance and SO MUCH MORE!

Holographic - Usui Reiki I and Chakra Blessings

Dates: Wednesday, September 18, 2019, for 10 weeks
Time: 6:30-9:30 pm, for 10 weeks
Location: 1048 North River Road, Ottawa, Ontario
Fee: $650.00 + HST, Early Bird Price: $600.00 +HST (Pay in full by August 12, 2019)

To register or for further details:  Call: (613) 688-1717 or email: info@juliedesmarais.ca

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II Power of Pure Potential

In Phase II, you will build on the chakra teachings and take the next step to the next in the process of awakening the healer within and begin to follow your own path. 

Would you like to:

  • Play, explore, experiment and practice with ENERGY HEALING in a safe environment
  • Develop greater intuition
  • Expand your clair-senses

Learn Julie’s most effective healing tools, her EIGHT ENERGY HEALING BASICS

Julie will also guide you on how to:

  • Connect with the Higher Selves of others, living & deceased, angels, guides, animals and totems
  • Read past lives and clear past life karma
  • Communicate with physical and/or emotional pain to bring healing & rebalancing
  • How to communicate with physical and/or emotional pain to bring healing & rebalancing
  • How to read past lives and clear past life karma
  • Balance the chakras using a pendulum and more!

Julie will also be hosting special guests, so you can get a taste of other healing modalities such as:

  • Vibrational healing with singing bowls, tuning forks, and gongs
  • Mudras, Mantras and Essential Oils to Align the Chakras
  • Playing and Learning Muscle Testing

Come generate a greater level of your personal power, self-esteem and confidence, as you enhance your potential as a healing facilitator!!!

Metamorphosis of the Spirit (MOTS)* and Reiki I & II
(Holographic/Usui Reiki I with Julie preferred)

*If this program speaks loudly to you and you are not a previous MOTS student please call me to discuss any equivalent training/experience you may have. 

Dates: TBA
Times: 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
10 weeks
Location: 1048 North River Road, Ottawa, Ontario
Fee: $791.00 (HST included.) A $100.00 deposit by December 5th qualifies you for the EARLY BIRD price of $731.00 (tax incl.). Save $60.00! 

To register or for further details:  Call: (613) 688-1717 or email: info@juliedesmarais.ca

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III Sacred Roots, Forgotten Truths

Nothing about your life is random!

Everything that has happened, good and bad, has happened for a reason and each represents a single thread in the tapestry of your life.

Do you want to be able to step back and see the brilliant portrait of your life from a bigger place?

If yes, SACRED ROOTS, FORGOTTEN TRUTHS will give you the key to the door.

We will explore the language of Archetypes, the lexicon through which your Soul's Contracts reveal themselves.

We will tap into Ancient Sources of wisdom that will support you to more deeply decipher the contracts you forged with the individuals who have incarnated along side of you.

We will learn to activate the empowering gift of Symbolic Sight, the key to it all...

Step out of your "story" and see things from a new and much higher perspective!!

Dates: TBA
Times:  6:30 - 9:30 pm
Duration: 6 - 8 weeks depending on class size
Venue: 1048 North River Road, Ottawa, Ontario.
Fee: $690.00 + HST.
Catch the Early Bird Price of $630.00 + HST if you sign up by March 13th with a $100.00 deposit!

To register or for further details:  Call: (613) 688-1717 or email: info@juliedesmarais.ca

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Sacred Heart Space

As we continue our transformation into the Divine Feminine paradigm on Earth,we invite you to share in the mystery of the moon and engage in the wisdom of wolf medicine.

Leave the city behind!!
Live with a full heart in these changing times.
Join an amazing team of energy workers at a beautiful lake side cottage, just north of Gatineau Park!

Take advantage of an opportunity to enjoy
creative play, friendship, connection to Mother Earth, healing journeys, music, meditation, swimming, hiking and campfires.

All spiced with great food, relaxation and laughter.
Open your Heart in Nature's Sacred Space

Dates: Starting Thursday, August 2019 with Opening Circle at 7:30pm. Closing Circle on August 20 2019 at 4pm.

Fee: $669.00 + HST. Includes accommodations and meals.
$100 non-refundable deposit to hold your space. Only a few spaces left!
To register or for further details:  Call: (613) 688-1717 or email: info@juliedesmarais.ca


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Sacred Truth Forgiveness Circle

"Forgiveness does not mean I condone what you did to me, it simply means I am no longer willing to carry around pain in response to your actions." Doreen Virtue

This healing circle is based on a Native American Healing Ceremony. It is mostly a non-verbal process which preserves privacy and anonymity, yet has proven itself to be extremely powerful and effective in allowing people to forgive themselves and others, and to find peace and happiness within. Enter a sacred and safe space where you can allow forgiveness of yourself and others. A personal experience that can be defined as "life altering".

Only held 4 times a year to celebrate the change of seasons.

This one evening program can be taken on its own, and is also an integral part of the Holographic/Usui Reiki Master Certificate Program and the Holographic Energy Master Certificate Program.

Summer Solstice:
Friday, June 14, 2019, September 13, 2019
December 6, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Venue: 1048 North River Road, Ottawa, Ontario
Fee: $35.00 at the door (HST included). Bring a friend for $30.00 each.
Pay cash at the door or e-transfer to the email below.
Please arrive 10 minutes early to register & bring a bottle of water River House is a scent free zone
RSVP: Space is limited. Please contact us at: (613) 688-1717, or info@juliedesmarais.ca

Please arrive 10 minutes early to register & bring a bottle of water and your open heart.

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Sacred Hearts Space Healing Circle

Come enter a sacred, healing space to open your heart and radiate love to the world!

In this healing circle, I will create a safe, sacred space in which to uplift your heart, open it wider, and overflow it with love.

I will guide you using music, chanting, singing bowls, my gift of vision and more.

The group will then send this love to the hearts of others, spreading this beautiful energy around the world. Come and rock with the angels, uplift your heart, and play in the magic of love!

Date: TBA
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm (Socialize with like minded folks between 6:30 & 7:00
Finger food snack contributions are welcomed & appreciated.)
Location: River House
1048 North River Road at Olga (off the Vanier Parkway)
Fee: $30.00. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Food Bank
Please RSVP as space is limited (613) 688-1717
or info@juliedesmarais.ca

Names of people you wish to share healing energy with, to add to the prayer box
Your Heart's Greatest Desire
Water bottle
Wear Comfy clothes
No scents or perfumes


Chakra Blessings

Join Julie Desmarais in a guided journey to experience your Chakra system. ln this Chakra 101 class, gain a greater understanding of your chakras, and learn what you can do to keep them healthy

  • Find where your energy is stuck in your physical & emotional body and experience ways to clear it

  • Create a connection with your Higher Self and the immense potential that lies within You

  • Receive healing insights

Using her gifts of seeing into the Human Energy Field (Aura),
Julie will take you on a guided chakra journey where she will
connect in with the Higher Selves of everyone attending this event.

This collective group of Higher Selves will inspire you to
see/feel/hear and/or know what is inside you that wants to be heard and healed.

A Chakra Blessing is a prequisite for the Metamorphosis of the Spirit (MOTS) workshop series.

Dates: July 10, July 31, August 7, September 4, 2019
Time: 6:30 - 9:30 pm
Fee: $55.00 (HST included)
Location: 1048 North River Road, Ottawa, Ontario
Preparation: Please bring a journal or notebook and waterbottle. Please do not wear any scents. Arrive a few minutes early for registration.
Please RSVP: Space is limited. To register contact us at 613-688-1717 or Julie at info@juliedesmarais.ca

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On Reiki I:

Julie’s classes are motivating, fun and enlightening! I entered Julie’s Holographic Reiki I class expecting to study hard, focus and take many notes to keep up with the rest of the class. To my surprise, Julie had a different way of teaching. Her workshop has many interactive learning methods and used her own life experiences as examples while welcoming others to share. She has an amazing way of communicating and listening to others while simply shinning in each moment with bright love.

I feel more than blessed to be in her class. Not only did I have the chance to learn how to incorporate the fundamentals of Reiki within each moment of my journey, but I also felt more and energy in one room than ever before.

Julie is blessed with being clairvoyant and able to read archetypes, animal totems,
past lives, emotional and mental imbalances, and speaks to the higher selves of loved ones, living and deceased.  Her role in my life, as one of my spiritual  guides, has enabled me to follow a much healthier path in life.

Not only did I walk away fully connected to the Divine, but I also left with an insight into my soul and life’s purpose. Julie is a unique person filled with loving compassion and I would recommend the Holographic Reiki workshop to every being on this planet.

On Reiki II

I loved Reiki II!  Here Julie taught us how to connect with the Higher Selves of
others to send distant healing. We learned that we could send energy across a room, across town, across continents and across dimensions to speak to living and deceased
loved ones!

I am an animal lover and have always had pets, but have not always known how to help them in a time of need.  In Julie's class, I experienced connecting with my dog that was not well and was shown how to send him healing energy. This really
helped my dog and helped me! Thank you Julie for showing me how!

In Reiki II, Julie showed us how to send energy into the future to support us with
upcoming challenging events. The energy stores up like a battery and is waiting for us at the time of the event (interview, exam, date, dental or surgery appointment, etc.). This is really cool stuff! I do not know what I ever did without it!

It was fascinating to get to work with the Reiki
symbol tools that help her do this, and are now helping me do the same!  I highly
recommend this class to anyone wanting to enhance their healing abilities.

On Reiki III

I can truly say that my outlook on life totally  changed when I took Julie's Reiki III over 13 years ago. The way she taught the class put everything together for me. I don't even want to imagine what my life might have been like without it. Thank you, Julie, for sharing your light.

At the end of my Reiki III class, I was left with insights into my soul and life's purpose which propelled me, 6 months later, into realizing my dream of starting my own healing practice.

Julie is a unique person filled with loving compassion and I would recommend the
Holographic Reiki III workshop to everyone ready to move forward in their lives.

On Sacred Roots, Forgotten Truths

It’s been almost a year now since I’ve completed the “Sacred Roots” class and I
wanted to take some time to thank you for the experience and the personal growth I went through.

The archetype wheel definitely helped me to better understand character traits I had in some areas of my life and simplified some longing questions I had.

Understanding better how I react or approach certain areas of my life helped me
tremendously to steer how I now react or address a particular situation.

Since I much better understand some of the relationships I have with others and with myself, I better understand some of the teachings that come my way and also embrace some of the challenges I have encountered.

I have actually incorporated the soul's potential wheel into my “Be, Believe, Achieve” wheel which fits very well. Time will tell if this combination is a personal success.

Again, a big thank you for your dynamic personality, clairvoyance and genuine
willingness to help others grow.


My creativity and hope were blocked, until I took Sacred Contracts with Julie. It was truly an amazing and awakening experience. So much so that other attendees commented on the change in me in just eight weeks.

It was pure joy to participate in this course. What fun it was to uncover my archetypes and witness the group discovering theirs; all in a lovely sacred space to discover and share.  Julie brilliantly designed the course to work the key points on this journey and offer a springboard for in-depth exploration of how each archetype plays out in life situations.  It was an amazing experience to witness my own unfolding amongst a group of lovely, magical & supportive women.   It is a must attend course!


Thank you! The Sacred Roots course was so wonderful. I didn’t know what to expect but I knew it would be something wonderful coming from you and it was. What you do for others is a true gift and “we” learn and heal in so many ways from your teachings and awakenings. In the Sacred Roots course it was fun learning about all the different facets (whys and hows) of my sacred contracts. I loved being introduced to my 12 original Archetypes too. I wouldn’t have gotten the same value or understanding if I had done it on my own. In the end everything came together for me in one beautifully wrapped gift box. I am so thankful you do these classes.
You’ll see me soon at another class.

With warmth and appreciation, CR

This course has been a huge blessing for me and very rewarding even as it was super challenging! I had a powerful dream this past week and have experienced significant shifts at all levels of my being. I am deeply grateful for Julie’s support and that of my sister journeyers who were all beacons of light and inspiration to me.


On Chakra Blessings

This is a  transformational workshop. If you are stuck in any aspect of your life and just can't seem to find the answers, or if you just want to take a meaningful journey with like-minded people, this class is for you. Julie provides a safe, nurturing, truly caring environment where you are free to be yourself and risk seeing your soul's true potential. You will leave feeling regenerated, inspired and at peace with where you are, in this moment, as part of a bigger plan. I highly recommend this class, which is filled with personal "aha" moments, to beginners and advanced teachers alike.


When arrived I was feeling hopeless, rejected, unloved, and beaten in regards to my love relationship.  My work I feel has been stagnant although I know it will not be for long and my finances have been improving but at a snail 's pace since I am a part-time single Mom.  When I left last night I had regained my self confidence and self love and empowered me to take charge of my feelings and life once again.

I look forward to attending more of your mini workshops


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