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The human energy field-also known as the aura, electromagnetic field and/or the hologram is like a giant encyclopaedia which contains all of a Soul's history. Everything that has ever happened during the Soul's journey is recorded there. It includes mental beliefs, emotional baggage, the Soul's purpose, karma, dominant archetypes, the divine essence, animal totems and so much more.

Most people are unaware of how these factors influence their daily lives. However, they have a profound impact on every aspect of our lives, and may hold us back from expressing our Soul's potential.

At Julie Desmarais and Associates, we let your Higher Self guide and navigate us through your energy field to uncover energy that is unbalanced and not serving you productively. Some clients liken it to a vision quest. Whether the session is on the phone or in-person, the practitioner may witness imbalances in the aura that take the form of various symbols like mud, tar, brick walls, armour, or weapons. These are all metaphors representing the state of a person's energy imbalances. Using holographic energy balancing techniques and the power of intention, the practitioner brings your attention to the imbalances, for releasing and transmuting, so that balance can return. Depending on your intention for the session your Higher Self can take you to past lives, communicate with the Higher Self of loved ones, living or deceased, angels or guides, heal old trauma, balance chakras, or connect you with your Souls' potential.

The second step involves the discovery of a client's Soul's potential. This is the divine essence energy that we were all born with; the programming that defines our energetic nature and life purpose. The Higher Self will bring in aspects of the Soul's potential using a variety of symbols-from animal totems, to aspects of nature (e.g., a rainbow or sunset), cartoon characters, actors, mythological figures, etc.

Your Higher Self will help you to understand your true nature, your authentic self. You will begin to comprehend in your own way, that there really is hope. By that I mean the hope of reconnecting with our Soul's ultimate purpose. Hope is what is missing in most conventional healing programs. Yet it is, I believe, the cornerstone for our journey through life and the place where all healing begins. By discovering how we have used (or mis-used) our energy, along with a realisation that we are powerful creative beings, we can begin to move back to our original path and reason for being here, whatever that may be.


The best vehicle for describing my work is storytelling. See below for a very short story, as well as two articles on how holographic energy work can bring healing, more balance, clarity and can awaken the power of your soul's potential. Once you read these you will be very clear on whether this work is for you.

One of Julie's Stories written up and printed by the Ottawa Citizen and Montreal Gazette:

For years one of Julie's clients suffered from severe back pain. During his session, she saw "a little girl dressed as a ballerina, dancing over his right shoulder." I have no idea who she is, so I ask him. He says, 'Oh my God, that's my sister, my baby sister. When she was little she loved ballet. She died of a drug overdose. It was all my fault.'

In fact, he didn't even know she was on drugs. But for 10 years he'd been carrying that guilt and grief, and it manifested itself as severe back pain. What he got out of his session was the chance to cry and release the heavy burden he was carrying on his back and shoulders. He called Julie the next day and said, "For the first time in years, my back pain is gone!"

"Healer of the month" from Body, Mind, Spirit Magazine, February, 2002

"Was he Bare Naked, or a Grizzly Bear?" written by Caroll Burritt.

How Animal Totems can bring powerful insights and resolution to deep seated emotional issues. I am passionate about the study of archetypes. As a Holographic Energy Worker/Emotional Intuitive, who "reads" the energy fields of my clients all day long, I get to witness the most amazing archetypal patterns...Read more


If you live outside of Ottawa, my services include one hour sessions on the phone or Skype.

Distant healing is used for phone and Skype sessions. In quantum physics, this phenomenon is explained this way: when you think of someone, your etheric body (also known as the causal or soul body which is part of the 7 layers of the energy field) reaches out and touches them. They sense your presence and are drawn to connect with you. This is why it is so common to think of someone for days, but be too busy to call, and the next thing you know they are calling you.

Distant healing works the same way, except I use a conscious connection. You give me permission to connect with your hologram and read your energy by connecting with your Higher Self. I use an ancient Buddhist Reiki symbol that allows me to connect with your hologram from anywhere in the world or beyond. It is very much like tuning into a radio station.

When I connect with you from a distance, where-ever you are, I am able to connect with your Higher Self and read your energy field as if you were in the room with me. The energy is sent to you and it balances your chakras, clears negativity, and brings deep relaxation.


Julie Desmarais - Holographic Energy Master Teacher Trainer
New client consultations are 1.5 hours at a cost of $220 + HST. If you feel the consultation has made a difference and would like to commit to more soul work, then you can purchase a package of 3, 1 hour sessions for $110 each versus $150 for an hour …and you pay as you go.


  1. New Client Consultations - In Person
    $220 + HST
  2. New Client Referral
    If you make a referral to a friend, the friend will get a 15% discount off $220.00, the cost of a New Client Consultation.
  3. New Client Phone/Skype Consultations
    $150/hr + HST
    with clients from Europe, United States & across Canada
  4. Preferred Client Session
    $110.00/hr +HST

Please call 1-877-325-8543, or 613-688-1717, to book your appointment or email info@juliedesmarais.ca

Please fill out the new client record with your clear intention for the session and email it to: info@juliedesmarais.ca

New Client Record:

Download New Client Record

Payment for phone sessions by VISA or Mastercard
Personal sessions can be paid by cash or cheque


What do you mean by Higher Self?

The higher self is the highest, most loving, divine, pure, intuitive, gifted part of ourselves. Some people call it our "God-Self", "Pure Potential", "Soul's Potential", "Divine Essence", "Inner Master", "The Christ Within", or "Unconditional Love". It can take the form of archetypes of all kinds, such as animals, birds, or aspects of nature. When I call it forth from your energy field I feel like Grace itself surrounds me. I feel so privileged and honoured to witness your inner magnificence.

Julie Desmarais


Communication with Deceased Loved Ones

“Julie’s unique gift allows her to talk to the higher selves of loves ones, living and deceased. She helped me to reconnect with my deceased mother and heal things that were left undone and causing me great anxiety and pain." FL

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